Most Interesting Endangered Species


According to the IUCN Red List, there are 16,306 out of 41,415 species that are considered endangered and on the verge of extinction. These animals are very unique and many of them are not well known known outside of their geographical location. Here is list of the most interesting endangered species that are in the world today.
1. Solenodon
The Solenodon looks like a beaver or a squirrel but it is something totally different. This creature can actually shoot venom from its teeth. The only rodent like creature in the world that has this ability.
2. Leaping Lesbian Lizards!
This particular animal is probably one of the weirdest creatures in all of the animal kingdom. Its scientific name is Cnemidophorus uniparens but it was given its unusual moniker because the species is all females and can still reproduce without having the help of a male at all. Strange indeed. Oh, it does leap into the air too.
3. Angler Fish
Angler fish survive by having the male attach itself to the female and then he slowly starts to die while she takes his sperm. This process last for a sometime but it is still a disturbing way for an animal to mate.
4. Bubble Bee Bats
These bats are about 1-inch long and they look like miniaturized bats that have been shrunk down with a shrinking ray. Bubble Bee Bats are often mistaken for large bubble bees from a distance. However, once a person gets up close; they can look quite disturbing.
Other endangered species include the Hooded Seal, Monito Del Monte, Glowing Yellow Eyed Penguin, Purple Frog and the Dugong. Al of these animals are endangered of being eliminated for various reasons. There are organizations that are fighting to keep these animals around and to help them to thrive. Hopefully, their efforts will succeed.